Are you struggling to get through each day, your relationships or work? Are you unhappy or depressed and don’t understand why?


We will help you find why you are struggling, break down
the walls and help you find your path and happiness.

It’s Time… to shift your moMENtum. 


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“My mission is to change the mindset of the modern man and let them know they don’t have to “suffer in silence” and pretend everything is ok. The only way to be happy is to understand yourself, your pain, where it comes from & deal with it in a bloke’s way.”

– Dr Brett

Hi, I’m Dr Brett Dellar (D.C.)

Over the years I have helped and guided hundreds of men who have been struggled with emotional issues and life. By allowing them to see life, our external influences, our trauma and our past from a different perspective, they can start to put the puzzle of the life together.

When you are living in the “Struggle Bubble”, it is hard to see a way out. It is hard to believe anyone could feel like you do. And you can’t always see a light at the end of the tunnel. All you are doing is trying to survive each day…you don’t have energy to fight your way our of your emotional bubble.

I know because I lived in my “Struggle Bubble” for 30 years.  I suffered from depression and PTSD. I felt like an imposter, a fraud. I lived with shame, blame, guilt embarrassment and fear.

I am now the Founder of The moMENtum revolution and live a happy, fulfilled life. I run workshops and programs for Men you need guidance and empower them to change their life’s direction. And I am a sort after public speaker and Men’s Mental Wellbeing Advocate.

Just listen to one of the Men who attended one of the moMENtum Workshops.


Let me help you take back control of your Life.

Where to Start?

Understanding You!

The first step in any healing process is the HARDEST one. Admitting to yourself you have a problem.


This means we aren’t perfect. This makes us feel weak.

It may make us feel less of a Man.

Nothing is further from the truth.


But this is where you start to pull back the layers and begin to understand your behaviour, your pattens, your emotions…


It’s Time…to Understand YOU!

Reaching Out!

The second hardest thing to do is reach out and ask for help.


We can’t always do it on our own…otherwise we wouldn’t still be struggling.


We have to change the cycle, change what we are doing to change the direction of our life.  


Otherwise we will continue to stay stuck in the negative cycle of our life.


It’s Time…to Reach Out.

MoMENtum Shift!


  • If you are tired of struggling with life?
  • If you are sick of being depressed? 
  • If you are over being anxious all the time?
  • If you don’t want to feel worthless anymore?
  • If you are tired of feeling like an imposter or worthless? 




It’s Time…to Shift Your moMENtum

Sometimes we get dealt a bad hand.
But it’s how we deal with, what is important.
Life doesn’t owe you anything.
No one owes you anything.
Only YOU, owe YOU!
Only YOU can change your life.


But you need the understanding, tools, skills,
 the guidance and assistance to do it.

That’s where we want to help.
We have lived it.
We have fought and moved through the
hurt, the pain, the depression.

We understand the issues, the triumphs
and pitfalls that lay ahead.


Life can deal you a bad hand…
But if you know how to stack the deck
in your favour… 
Life can be amazing, inspiring,
empowering and happy again.


Let us show you how!

Not sure where to start?
I can help!

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