Empowering Men to be Better”

About The moMENtum Revolution

The moMENtum Revolution was founded to support, guide, inspire & empower Men who are facing challenges in their life. These challenges include emotional, relationship, unresolved issues from the past, depression or anxiety, are struggling from day to day, anger issues, are withdrawn or just feel lost and don’t understand why they feel unhappy.

Empowering Men to be

Better Sons, Better Brothers, Better Husbands, Better Fathers…
Better Men. To do this we help 

  • Understand Who They Are (and why they
    feel, re-act or behave the way they do).
  • See From A Different Perspective (of their
    life and how various influences impact them).
  • Changing The Mindset (If we keep doing the
     same thing & nothing changes, nothing ever will).
  • Understand We ALL Need Help (otherwise
    they would have already found the solution).
  • Providing Various Options (to help them
    start to Shift Their moMENtum Forward).
  • Provide Tools To Assist in Daily Life (allowing
    them to deal with any that arise, build
    resilience and emotional strength).
  • Deal With The Internal Demons (show them
    you have to release your emotional baggage
    to move forward – & do it in a “Blokes” way).

“Can’t I just fix my own problems?”

We, as Men, want to try and fix everything. Handyman work, other people’s problems, work issues…even though we may not be qualified or very good at it.

So, it is only natural that we believe we can fix our own problems. We believe we can fix our emotional issues, the challenges & traumas from our past, our behavioural issues and our mental health challenges including depression & anxiety.

Trying to fix these issues & challenges yourself, is like you trying to perform surgery on yourself. It just ain’t gonna work!

So let me ask you 2 questions?

1. Have you fixed them yet?
2. Has anything really changed?

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