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About Dr. Brett

A Men’s Mental Health Advocate, highly-sort after speaker, Life Coach & Mentor and a Lived Experienced Mental Health Authority.

Brett knows what it’s like to struggle through life. He suffered some traumatic experiences both as a child and later as an adult. These experiences had a massive impact on his life and who he was as a person and a Man.

Being a typical bloke, Brett chose to ignore the pain and suffering he was carrying around as a result of these events. He pretended everything was ok…that life was fine. Everyone though he had his life together but in reality he was falling apart inside.

Because Brett ignored the pain, never sort any help or guidance, it resulted in him suffering from depression, felt like a fraud and was riddled with shame, guilt, embarrassment, blame and fear. This lasted for 30years.

And during that time always pretending he was ok. Always suffering with emotional pain. Always ignoring it. Always refusing to ask for help. Always thinking that this is what a Man is mean to do – be tough, strong, hard, unemotional, never needing help.

Living like this almost destroyed him!

But Brett found his way through that darkness. He was able to deal with his demons in a powerful, masculine and safe environment where he was able to reclaim his life back. He was able to be himself for the first time in his adult life. No Masks, no pretending, just being himself.

Brett found what it means to really be strong and what it really means to be a Man in today’s world…and now lives a

Brett has studied extensively around personal development, specifically around the challenges and issues Men face and have to deal with today. From his life’s lessons, from his experiences, by talking and helping & guiding other Men, “The moMENtum Revolution” was founded to help Men through their emotional struggles and life’s challenges

Brett now lives his life free of depression, free of his demons, with passion and purpose. He is a qualified life coach who wants to impact this world by helping & mentoring Men though their dark times, deal with their challenges and allow them to be the Man they were always been destined to be.

Brett is also a highly sort after public speaker and is a passionate advocate for Men’s Mental Wellbeing.

"No Man should have to live with the pain like I did for 30 years. No Man should suffer in silence like I did. No Man should have to be burdened with society's expectations. Every Man should live with happiness and purpose. All they have to do is choose to make a change... and let their real journey begin!  It's Time...!"

Dr Brett

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